Christoph Kalz, composer compositions, adaptations, arrangements, sheet music and lyrics
Le Cygne │ The Swan | Camille Saint-Saëns, Guy Lombardo | for big band (4/2/2)
ScoreThe Swan (pdf)

(audio sketch)

Shout And Feel It | Count Basie | for big band
Life Goes To A Party & Jumpin' At The Woodside | Benny Goodman / Count Basie | for big band
My Land | Graham, Graham, Lovland | for mixed ensemble
ScoreMy Land (pdf)

(Audio sketch)

Bei Mir Bistu Shein / Bei mir bist du schön | Jacobs, Secunda | for big band and vocals

(Audio sketch)

Lullaby of Birdland | George Shearing, George D. Weiss | for voice and big band


The Banks of Lee | Irish Trad. | for piano, synthesizer, flute, bass, vocals

(Audio sketch)

Watch the Birdie | Gene Krupa & His Orchestra / Anita O'Day | for vocals and big band
ScoreWatch the Birdie (pdf)

Arrangement, transcirption

A Night in New York | Elbow Bones & The Racketeers | for vocals and big band

(Audio sketch, MIDI plugin required.)

She moved through the Fair | Irish Trad. | for vocals, flute, five strings, guitar, bass, drum set, bodhrán

(Audio sketch)

Orange Blossom Special | Trad. | for strings and big band

(Audio sketch, MIDI plugin required.)

O be joyful | Jeremiah Clarke | for soprano and basso continuo (continuo realisation)
ScoreO be Joyful (pdf)

(Audio sketch)

1976 | Christoph Kalz | for funk band
Try to go on | George Gershwin | for orchestra and percussion
ScoreTry to go on (pdf)
Wir Roboter | Christoph Kalz | for vocals and musical band
Chant of the Groove | Fats Waller | fpr big band


Ride like the wind | Christopher Cross | for big band and mixed choir (SATB)

(Audio sketch, MIDI plugin required.)

Birdland | Josef Zawinul | for big band

(Audio layout based on samples.)

I don’t want to miss a thing | Diane Eve Warren / Aerosmith | for pop orchestra

(MIDI plugin required.)

All about that bass | Meghan Trainor | for brass ensemble an drums in Swiss Bb-Notation

With courtesy of BeachBand (see references and links).

Galvanize | Chemical Brothers | for saz, tablas, darbukah, drums or flexible instrumentation
ScoreGalvanize (pdf)
Englishman in New York | Sting | for big band

(Audio sketch, MIDI plugin required.)

Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel | Karel Svoboda | for six instruments
Eine Tür | Christoph Kalz | for vocals and a small pop orchestra
Satellite | Judie Frost, John Gordon / Lena Meyer-Landruth | for drums, piano, carillon and vocals
Midi sketchSatellite (midi)
ScoreSatellite (pdf)

(Audio sketch, MIDI plugin required.)


The above list is merely a selection of arrangements that I have been commissioned with in the past. Please feel free to inquire about any type of adaptation or musical piece.

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