Christoph Kalz, composer compositions, adaptations, arrangements, sheet music and lyrics


I love music, in all its versatility. And I love to tinker with a piece of music or song to give it that certain something. In harmony with the repertoire and orchestration, the sparks can start flying between musicians and their audience.

 This means taking over a variety of roles: As an arranger, composer and lyricist, I enjoy playing with a wide range of musical styles and arrangement techniques. And as a choirmaster, workshop instructor or conductor, you need a lot of humour and passion to create something new and memorable.

 A particular pleasure of mine is to fuse seemingly contrasting styles: a punk-rock piece for mixed choir or a folk song for swing bands, why not?

Phantasy and music know no bounds – combined with solid craftsmanship and a good pinch of experience little treasures can come to life.

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