Christoph Kalz, composer compositions, adaptations, arrangements, sheet music and lyrics

Christoph Kalz

As a born Berliner, I now live and work in Hamburg and Berlin. 

Free University Berlin und University of Hanover

  • Musicology, political science, psychology, philosophy, education
  • First and Second German State Examination (“Studienrat”, Master degree)

Academy of Music and Theatre Hanover

  • Composition (Johannes Schöllhorn), musical theory (Anton Plate), music education, orchestra conducting (Walter Nußbaum), choir conducting (Kai-Uwe Jirka)


  • of the Royal Conservatory Brussels / Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (Jean Gyselynck, Silveer van den Broek)
  • for Contemporary Music with Siemens Arts Program (Pierre Boulez)

Professional experience

  • Since 1990: compositions, arrangements, lyrics, style copies and music production for contemporary music, entertainment and pop music, musicals and events.
  • Since 1998: A cappella group ‘Männerwirtschaft’ (several competition awards, artistic management, singer, composer, arranger, lyricist, direction)
  • Seit 1999: Artistic management of several choirs, orchestras and ensembles
  • 2000-2002: Jazz choir Vivid Voices (1st prize winner at the 6th German Choir Competition in 2001)
  • Since 2003: music productions for films, media and advertising
  • Since 2006: teaching positions in Berlin and Hamburg, France and Singapore, freelance arranger, composer and music producer
  • 2007: A cappella group musix (several competition awards, singer, arranger, lyricist)
  • Since 2011: workshop instructor for choirs, orchestras, ensembles and bands
  • Since 2013: Collaboration with Carus-Verlag (music publishers), arrangements and compositions
  • 2015: Release of "Rock 'n' Robo" musical 
  • Since 2016: Arranger and composer of the Familienorchester (Family Orchestra), the Publikumsorchester (Audience Orchestra) and the Chor zur Welt (World's Choir) Elbphilharmonie Hamburg,  concert presenter, collaboration with Ensemble Resonanz and Orlando Big Band